In the follow-up consultation the reactions to the initial treatment and possible improvements will be assessed. The chiropractor will again perform a movement analysis and other tests in order to assess and measure whether or not there has been some improvement. Oftentimes another treatment or more follow up treatments will be needed to achieve the desired results. This depends largely on the nature and duration of the initial complaint.

Improvement of the complaint can occur after one or several treatments. This is the so-called acute phase. To maintain this improvement, a check-up is suggested over a somewhat longer timeframe (the so called recovery phase). The final goal is, if possible, prevention of reoccurrence of the primary complaint where the nervous system can function well over a longer timeframe.

People are creatures of habit and often faulty movement patterns will sneak back into our daily movements resulting in a reoccurrence of the initial complaints. Think, for example, of neck and back complaints that are associated with working on a computer. In these cases, it is common, that certain complaints can reoccur. In these instances, preventive periodic check-ups are advised. A follow-up visit takes about 20 minutes. This is also the case for children’s follow-up visits.