• Initial consultation adult € 76,-
  • Follow-up consultation adult € 52,-
  • Initial consultation children (under 12 years) € 54,-
  • Follow-up consultation children € 42,-

Special rates

  • Walk-in consultation hour no charge
  • First appointment after walk-in consultation € 68,-
  • Extensive consultation € 60,-
  • Long time of absence  (> 12 mnth) € 68,-


An invoice for declaration with your insurance provider will be issued upon immediate payment, after each consultation.


Appointments with up to 24 hours notice can be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge. Less than 24 hours notice will be fully charged.


In general, most health insurance providers will reimburse chiropractic care for policies that include the complementary package. This means that there will be no excess required to pay. Reimbursement for treatment by a licenced chiropractor (NCA, SCN) can vary from one policy to another. Please contact your individual health insurance provider  as to the specific details of your policy, regarding your chiropractic care. For your convenience here is an overview outlining reimbursement details of specific health insurance providers.


Referral from a general practitioner is not required for a chiropractic consultation. Chiropractic care is part of the first line health care services. This means that the chiropractor has independent treatment authority.

VAT-exemption complementary healthcare services

Chiropractic Watergraafsmeer benefits from the VAT-exemption for complementary health care services. This means that there is no VAT added to the consultations prices.